Word on the Hi Lo 13 Blackjack Variation

While cruising the online casinos, I saw a variation of blackjack that I hadn’t seen before. Or maybe I just had just missed it in my other online casino perusals. The variation that I found was called Hi Lo 13 Blackjack.

Hi Lo 13 Blackjack is played pretty much the same as any other blackjack game, although there are restrictions on doubling down and resplitting isn’t allowed. But then such restrictions shouldn’t surprise us after all. We’ve all come across them before. So really this variation isn’t played any differently than what we’re are used to.

What makes this blackjack variation different is the Hi Lo 13 part. Players are offered not one, but three side bets. These side bets, like most others, don’t have anything to really do with blackjack. I think side bets were created just to jazz up the game.

The side bets offered in this game center around the number 13. Players can place a side bet that the first two cards they are dealt will either be less than 13 or equal to 13 or—you guessed it—more than 13. While the under and over 13 bets give you more opportunities to win, the equal to 13 bet is just throwing money away because, come one, how often are you dealt a 13?

The thing that’s frustrating about this variation is that if you were a card counter and had counted the remaining deck as being rich in low cards, you could potentially make some side bets that your first two cards would be less than 13. But we all know that you can’t count cards online. This one is like having a piece of cake held over your head and it’s just out of reach.

So. That being said, like all other variations this one should be avoided too. Side bets are prime opportunities to lose money which is why they are not the best blackjack games to play. And since the actual game is the same as regular blackjack, and if you’re not making side bets, why play a variation when you could play regular blackjack?

Now if I could find Hi Lo 13 at a land based casino then I’d be more inclined to play it since you can use some card counting then.