Where did the World Series of Blackjack go?

I was thinking the other day about how much I miss sitting down and watching the World Series of Blackjack. What happened? It seems that the World Series of Blackjack has disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. The last season premiered on June 4, 2007. Alice Walker was the winner and went home with her $500,000. And one would think that in 2008, Series 5 would begin. No. It didn’t.

So what happened? Their site still lists the current tournament as the 2007 Series 4 tournament. And visiting GSN, who televises the event, only revealed that the show isn’t even listed on its site anymore. So what do we, the people who love blackjack and wish to watch it on TV, do?

We can speculate.

Perhaps it just wasn’t popular enough. In which case it should have been promoted more. They could have promoted it themselves. GSN, who created the series and televised it, could have promoted it more—I mean, it was their idea yes? AOL could have promoted it more, considering it was through AOL Games that six lucky contestants could win their way into the tournament series.

Or perhaps there just weren’t enough people to play. It is an invitation only series (the exception being the AOL win-ins). Maybe that was the problem. Maybe those of us that did know about the series just wanted a chance to play too. After all the World Series of Poker allows for entrants to win their way in through various satellite tournaments that anyone can enter. But the World Series of Blackjack is invite only…except for the AOL win-ins of course. So perhaps being invite only is what caused to disappear. I mean, who likes being excluded?

Again, one can only speculate. You can try looking for the answer. I have yet to find it. So maybe it was lack of promotion, or lack of interest due to its closed nature…or maybe it did disappear in the Bermuda Triangle. But I hope you miss it as much as I do.

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