What Makes Blackjack Simple

I know that poker is one the most popular casino games. It does not matter if we are talking about poker online or poker in a brick and mortar casino, it is still the most renowned of all casino games.

But that does not make it the simplest to play. In fact ‘simple’ was one of the reasons I chose blackjack as my casino game of choice. Blackjack has the simplest rules of play in any card game. Except maybe War, but really? War? Not much a game if you ask me.

Now poker, that is a hard card game. All of this remembering what amount of cards and which types of cards make up the various hands. Pairs—I can understand those. But blackjack has pairs and they are easier to play with.

In blackjack figuring out which hand is strongest is easy: which hand has the highest total that is not more than 21. Easy. My 19 beats your 16, that sort of thing.

And by ‘your’ I mean the dealer, as that is another simple aspect of blackjack: no having to worry about what any of the other players are doing. There is no trying to figure out if the guy sitting next to you has a stronger hand than you. It does not matter. Whatever hand total he is holding has no bearing on your hand.

Blackjack is only about what you are holding and what the dealer is holding—whose hand total is greater. It is like those simple grade school greater-than-or-equal-to math problems. You do not even have to add up your hand total if you do not want to—the dealer will do it for you.

It does not matter if we are talking about online blackjack or brick and mortar casino blackjack, between the game being determined by whose hand is greater and not having to worry about what the other players at the table are doing with their hands, blackjack clearly becomes the simplest card game in the casino. So much more simple than poker.