Two Blackjack Hands at Once

One of the more amusing player contrived blackjack strategies is to play two hands per round. I believe the idea is that if the cards don’t give you good cards for your first hand, they will for your second hand. It sounds like these players are saying that the cards have brains of their own to outsmart or that they are trying to outsmart the order of the cards.

The problem with this is that cards don’t have brains or not. I don’t care if they’re special blackjack cards. They don’t have brains. They don’t choose which blackjack hands to grace with good cards and which ones to give bad cards to.

We have also established that there is no order to the cards. Therefore, there is no order to outsmart. Playing two hands per round is not going to make a difference to the flow of cards. It could have a positive impact or a negative one. But the truth is that there is no way to tell what the impact will be and if such an impact can be maintained. And without the ability to predict this, there is no order to the cards at a blackjack table.

Playing two hands at once can actually be bad for your blackjack odds. You run the risk of losing money twice as fast. Imagine a run of low cards that favor the dealer. Blackjack players’ hands tend to suffer at these times because low cards are a dealer’s friend. If you’re playing two hands per round during a run of low cards your chances of losing twice as much increase.

But these blackjack players argue that playing two hands will increase one’s winnings. This is only true if you win both hands in every game. In the best case scenario, you will win one hand and lose the other, which will only cause you to break even.

In the long run you will lose your money twice as fast if you play two hands per round of blackjack. There is no real advantage to your blackjack odds either. Especially since your concentration will be split between two hands.

The best that you can do is play one hand of blackjack per round, focus on that hand and concentrate on your blackjack strategy and your basic strategy.