Time is Money, Friend

I am sure we have all heard this phrase before, and generally its source is one of two places: the business world or a movie. Actually I have also heard that goblins in massive multiplayer online games say the phrase too. But this actually relates to blackjack—not the goblins but the idea of time being money.

In any casino game time is your enemy when playing as long as the house has the edge. Here is how it works when you are playing blackjack.

When the edge is stacked up against you every hand of blackjack that you play has more potential to cost you money than to gain you money.

As an example let’s say that you lose six of every ten hands played and you are wagering $10 per hand. If you only play ten hands in one hour, out of the $100 you had wagered you would have only lost $60. But if you had played at a faster pace and played twenty hands in one hour, it means that of the $200 you had wagered you would have lost $120.

Keep going with the math and you can see how the faster you play the more money you stand to lose. This is why casinos dislike card counting blackjack players—the players can turn the edge to favor themselves which means the casino has the potential to lose more per hour than the player does.

If you are not a skilled card counter or if you are playing online blackjack where card counting is useless what can you do to overcome the time is money principle in a casino?

If you are playing blackjack in a brick and mortar casino play at full tables. The more players there are at a table the slower the rate of play is. It will take longer to play through a round if seven players have to decide how to play than if only two players have to choose how to play.

Also look for hand shuffled blackjack tables as it takes longer to shuffle by hand than if shuffle machine is being used.

If you are playing online blackjack you are playing one-on-one with the dealer. Shuffling is automatic in online blackjack. But the round depends on you meaning you set the pace. The longer you take to play out a round the less rounds of online blackjack there are per hour. Slow yourself down!

Time very much is money in blackjack. Understanding that and working that principle into your blackjack strategy can help you to exert a little more influence on your own blackjack odds. Remember odds are about your potential to make money. And if you can slow the game down so that the house has fewer opportunities per hour to take your money you will have successful put a little bit of a change in your odds.

It is like time and money in business. The more control you can exert the better your own odds. And forget the goblins. There are no goblins in blackjack unless you have a really nasty dealer.