Blackjack for a Grill

Silver Dollar is fast becoming one of the most popular places to play online blackjack at. The game lineup is good and there are promotions constantly being offered. Some promotions are cash prizes while others are useful in other ways, such as this month’s promotional prize: a Primo Kamado Ceramic smoker.

With spring here and summer not far on its heels people will be lighting up the grill and breaking out the ground beef. Or soy burgers if you are into that. This is what makes the promotional sweepstakes at Silver Dollar heat up this month.

Players can enter the grill sweepstakes by turning in some of their loyalty points for a ticket; 500 loyalty points will equal one ticket. Loyalty points are earned by real money players at Silver Dollar for playing their favorite online casino games. This means that online blackjack players can accumulate points to turn in for tickets to enter into the grill drawing.

Naturally there are details for this sweepstakes in regards to timing and shipping (because they cannot very well deposit a grill into your player account). The drawing for the grill will happen on May 30th so there is still plenty of time to choose to redeem loyalty points for grill sweepstakes tickets. If the winning player lives in the US then the grill will be shipped to them without the player paying for any shipping. But if the winning player lives outside of the US, sorry but no grill for you. Instead if the winning player resides outside of the US, he or she will receive the cash value of the grill deposited into their player account.

Again, players can earn loyalty points for playing online blackjack for real money. No special codes necessary, just sign up for the Silver Dollar loyalty program for free and watch the loyalty points build. Then you can turn them in for a shot at winning the grill.

Silver Dollar Blackjack Tournament

There is nothing that boosts the excitement of online blackjack more than playing in a blackjack tournament. Well, winning with a natural off of a good sized wager is great high too. But it is not the same as the unknown thrill of tournament play—will you win or lose?

Thankfully there are some fun online blackjack tournaments to play in. And while I do enjoy the little $0.99 tournaments that Go Casino hosts, it is not the same as a full-fledged big money blackjack tournament. The $0.99 tournaments are good as practice for the experienced player, and good for the novice tournament player to begin getting their feet wet with.

But sometimes experienced online blackjack players want more.

And Silver Dollar is certainly offering more.

Every Friday Silver Dollar hosts their Weekend Blackjack Classic. As you can well guess, this online blackjack tournament spans the course of a whole weekend, starting on a Friday and ending on a Sunday.

Now when I was talking about a full-fledged big money online blackjack tournament I was referring to tournaments that do not offer the winning player a portion of the pot, but a cash prize instead. And that is exactly what Silver Dollar is offering their players.

The Weekend Blackjack Classic has a prize pool of $5,000. Yes, the winning player will get the biggest chunk of that $5,000 cash prize. And that is a lot more than what a player could win from a low-key Play for the Pot type of online blackjack tournament.

Silver Dollar is using the US Blackjack created by Vegas Technology variation of the game for these tournaments. This means that there are no side bets—other than insurance—and that the dealer does not check for blackjack at the beginning of the round.

For players who are interested the entry fee for the Weekend Blackjack Classic tournament at Silver Dollar is only $10. Think about it–$10 for a chance to win a piece of that $5,000 prize pool.