Live Dealer Online Blackjack Now in More Languages

While so much of what is made on the software end of online casino games is in English. Not everyone in the world who gambles speaks it or understands it. Sure, blackjack players in the UK, Australia and the US (who are not supposed to be playing) speak English; and sure, a good portion of European citizens speak and understand some English. But English is not the language of the world—that goes to math I believe.

In light of that fact, one online casino is now offering its live dealer online blackjack in more languages than just English.

Fairway Casino is licensed and regulated out of Costa Rica. While not a big player in the online casino industry, it is beginning to make its presence known. Adding seven new languages to its live dealer online blackjack platform is just one of those ways.

The new language additions are Spanish, Italian, Greek, Chinese, Russian, Dutch and Korean.

While this may not seem like a big deal to many online blackjack players, I have two things to say about it:

1. The US online gambling market is huge. The conservatives who loathe online gambling with every fiber of their misinformed beliefs are huge too. Online regulation is going to be a battle of who is bigger. By making online blackjack and other online casinos and games more easily accessible to others in the world, it will allow the rest of the gambling market to grow to a size that could eventually overpower the conservatives. As in ‘We are bigger and we want into the US market.’ Or ‘We took the time to grow and get more money to lobby with.’

2. Online blackjack should be available to anyone who wants to play whether they speak English or not. Opening up live dealer online blackjack to the wider language world is a good move to bring in more players who have an interest in the game. Online blackjack for everyone!

Remote Live Dealer Blackjack

I recently heard of yet another take on live dealer blackjack online. And this latest take I am not a fan of.

Most often when you hear about live dealer online blackjack it involves players signing in and watching a real dealer being filmed live and broadcasted over the internet. She deals cards which then show up on your screen and you make your plays; she then plays out her hand.

While I do not think the synergy of this kind of live dealer online blackjack has reached a point to be in good form—bugs still need to be worked out of the execution of this kind of live dealer online blackjack—it still beats this new kind of live dealer online blackjack. Mostly because you can still actively play.

This new take on live dealer online blackjack does not allow players to actively play. And that is my problem with it.

In this new form players watch a filmed dealer live as she deals cards to real players in real brick and mortar casinos. Players watching the feed from at home on their computers can then make wagers on the outcomes of players’ hands. And they receive payouts based on whether the hand they wagered on won or not.

And that is all they do—place wagers on hands that they do not have control of the outcome of. It is like taking blackjack and turning it into a slots game—making wagers on a game that, as a player, you have no way to influence the outcome of.

Blackjack is not meant to be a casino game that players cannot influence, hence the strategies for it. It is just a detriment to the game, to my thinking, to only allow these online ‘players’ to only be able to wager on the outcome of a hand they have no influence on. This hands-off kind of take on online live dealer blackjack is the opposite of what blackjack should be.