Robin Hood Blackjack Player Takes from Rich Casinos and Gives to the Poor

How many times have we been low on money and wished that someone, somewhere would help us? No, I’m not talking about your blackjack bankroll running low; I mean in life. Most of us have been there.

For Kurt and Megan Kegler, that time for them was when their toddler daughter developed a brain tumor. Treatment costs had accumulated and they were $35,000 in debt.

Then, out of the blue, they received a phone call from a blackjack player in Vegas calling himself Robin Hood 702. He told the couple that he was going to fly them first class to Vegas, where he would win the money they needed.

And sure enough, he did. He reportedly lost hundreds of thousands the first night he played, and you can imagine how the Keglers felt. Here was their chance at getting out of debt, and he was losing. But in the end, he won the much needed $35,000. He walked over to the couple and handed them the chips. And he won their money by playing blackjack.

It’s wonderful to see blackjack used for such an end. And that is Robin Hood’s aim: by playing blackjack, he intends to “take the dark side associated with gambling and use it for good.”

Nobody knows who this man is. But the casino managers call him a whale. That would be someone who wins and loses large amounts of money and doesn’t panic over it. Robin Hood has said in interviews that he has been through his own financial hardships and rough spots in his life. And he wants to give back and help out. He’s helped a woman in Charleston and he offered to sponsor a holiday for the crew that was attacked by Somali pirates.

And he wants to help others in need.

Robin Hood as created his own website where individuals can tell their stories. He will then choose another family to win money for from the casinos. The only “requirement” is that an individual’s or family’s financial need cannot be more than $50,000.