Proof that Blackjack Works in Pennsylvania

Remember about a year ago when the subject of adding blackjack and other table games to existing Pennsylvania brick and mortar casinos was being discussed? Also on that topic was the opening of new Pennsylvania brick and mortar casinos. And like any legislation—be it state or federal—that is in favor of either increasing or adding new gambling options there were those that were opposed to the idea.

Well they might want to reconsider their nay-saying when it comes to the Pennsylvania blackjack and other table games. For one thing there was the blackjack revenue generated in August, the first full month that all nine of the Pennsylvania brick and mortar casinos were up and running with their blackjack tables.

Now some might say that such figures are not a sign of success; that those figures on reflect on the newness of the blackjack tables—kind of like comparing a bunch of adults to a wild pack of five year olds with a shiny new toy. Not a very nice comparison to say the least.

But here we are a little more than six months out from when the blackjack tables were installed, and they are just as popular with Pennsylvania casino goers, if not more so.

The Sands Casino in Bethlehem is seeking permission from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board to increase their table games, with particular emphasis on blackjack tables. Of the twenty nine requested table games, twenty of those tables would be allotted for blackjack; of the remaining nine, eight would be allotted for Baccarat and one for Roulette.

So to the nay-sayers, those blackjack tables are still bringing in increased revenue. And if the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board approves the table game increase, which is thought to be likely, it would not only further increase revenue, it would also create 139 new jobs ranging from dealers to housekeeping. There is plenty of proof that the addition of blackjack tables to the brick and mortar casinos of Pennsylvania was a success.

Now if only we could get the federal government to think about online gambling like this.