Mommy is a Blackjack Player?!

What do you think of when you think of Blackjack players? Do you think of broad shouldered man with slicked back hair? A guy in a suit with a drink in his hand and a cigarette sticking out the corner of his mouth? Or maybe a woman with a cocktail dress on, a martini in hand, and styled hair? But you think someone with that casino sort of look or at least someone with style and some sophistication.

What about a mother?

Yes, that’s right, I said a mother.

I recently read an article about a woman who has made Blackjack her living. And she’s a mother on top of it. Makes you think about how those people really are when you get into a Blackjack game. For some people this isn’t just a game for fun. For some this is income, their livelihood. The woman in the article spoke of how much more committed you are to mastering Blackjack when it’s your living. She goes on to say how important it is practice and to memorize the strategies—you have to have a detailed and precise know-how to play Blackjack for a living. If you’re not committed you won’t make a living and, even worse, you’ll lose your money as opposed to making it.

And then how will you buy your bread, butter, and eggs?

What I liked about this woman’s story is that she’s just a regular person, a mom. She’s not some dolled up woman in a tight fighting cocktail dress and heels. She probably gets up in the money, makes breakfast, packs lunches, and sends her kids off to school. Maybe she does a little housework. And then she practices her Blackjack strategies for the coming weekend when she goes to a nearby casino to make her living. Quite the lifestyle. But what she shows us is that anyone can learn to play Blackjack and anyone with the commitment and drive to master the game can. Blackjack games aren’t limited to high rollers and swanky people. Blackjack can be played by you or me or moms.

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