Luck or Unlucky Seventh Seat in Blackjack

Since we seem to be on a blackjack myth kick today, why not go for another one? After all it pays to know what really impacts your blackjack odds, and what is nonsense. Nonsense, while it does not impact your odds really, can impact the quality of your blackjack game.

And why would you want to negatively impact your blackjack game? Why take fun out of it?

There is no good reason to remove fun from a game you enjoy. And believing myths that are not real does exactly that. Take for example the myth that the seventh chair at a blackjack table can make or break the dealer’s hand.

The seventh chair at a blackjack table is the seat on the dealer’s right hand. It is the last seat to receive cards and the last player to play before the dealer plays out his hand. It is because the seventh seat is the last to play that it is believed that the seventh player can impact the dealer.

Unfortunately this myth has a negative feeling behind it. If the seventh seat player takes a card and the dealer wins, the other players say the seventh took the dealer’s bust card. Or if the seventh seat does not take a card and the dealer wins, other players will accuse the seventh seat of not sacrificing his hand by taking the dealer’s winning card and allowing the other players to win.

In other words, the seventh seat myth perpetuates a sort of ‘damned if you do, damned if you do not’ feeling. Such a feeling makes playing in the seventh seat a more stressful position. And stress kills everything.

But the truth is that the seventh seat does not have such a hold over the dealer. Do you really think the house would allow a player to have the ability to make or break their dealer? No.

And what if the blackjack table is not full and no one is sitting in the seventh seat? Then what? Or what if you are the only person playing at a blackjack table—will you say it is your own fault for making or breaking the dealer? I did not think so.

Now you can see the absurdity to this blackjack myth. There is no way to tell if a face down card will make or break the dealer. What you need to know is that you cannot make or break the dealer in case you do find yourself faced with either taking the seventh seat at a blackjack table or sitting out a bunch of rounds until someone else leaves. Just sit down and do not listen if anyone tries to tell you that you took or did not take the dealer’s card.

And if another blackjack player does try to tell you that, you tell them that they took your card so what were you supposed to do?