Luck in Blackjack—Why You Should Be Using Strategy

This is what I love about blackjack. It’s not a game of chance; it’s a game of skill.

And this is what makes this the casino game of choice…okay, poker is there other game of skill, but that’s not what we play here.

While other players of other casino games are left with having to rely on luck alone in whether they win or lose, blackjack players can affect their odds against the house.

A blackjack player can use strategy in how they play. They can choose how to play a hand. This is unique to this game. In slots a player is limited to where the reels stop; he has no control over when the reels stop or how to stop them. Roulette player is limited to where the ball stops; she can’t affect the ball or the wheel at all.

Blackjack players, while we can’t control what cards we are dealt, we can choose how we play them. We can hit, stand, double down, split. The point is that we are only left with the hand total we are dealt IF we choose to be left with it.

This is why it’s so important for a blackjack player to take advantage of this game by using a strategy. Even if they only use basic strategy it’s better than not using any strategy at all.

But taking advantage of this aspect of blackjack is the smartest thing for a player to do.

Blackjack carries a house edge of 2-5%. Playing perfect basic strategy, which is very easy to do, can lower that house edge to only 0.5%, giving blackjack the lowest house edge. But for players who use card counting in addition to basic strategy, they can meet the house on even ground or even overcome the house edge entirely.

This is what makes blackjack a game of skill.

Using strategy in blackjack is what makes this one of the most advantageous casino games to be played. And for those who recognize this they remove themselves from the whim of Lady Luck.