Is Card Counting Legal or Not?

While card counting can be a highly useful skill for blackjack players, there is some concern over whether it is legal to use in a casino or not. This question will sometimes cause blackjack players who would normally teach themselves the skill to not learn it and therefore not take advantage of it.

In all reality there is no law that says that blackjack players cannot use card counting when playing. So in the law’s eyes it is okay to use card counting when at the blackjack table.

But if it is legal why are players so covert about using it? And why are there all those warnings about not letting dealers, pit bosses and other casino staff members catch you counting cards?

Casinos frown on blackjack players. Okay, forget frown, they flat out dislike them—and that is putting it nicely. And it is true that they will not hesitate to kick a blackjack player out without his winnings if they catch him counting cards. Sometimes casinos will even ban a player for counting cards.

The reason that casinos can remove players from their premises is because they are privately owned companies. In other words, you are playing on private property. And similar to how you can have someone removed from your home if you so choose to, so too can casinos have players removed from their property.

Players have gone to court to fight over being removed from a casino for counting cards when playing blackjack. And while those players are not subject to fines or the like, they really do not have ground to stand on. It comes down to the casinos being on private property, and casinos can choose to serve or not serve anyone as they see fit.

This is why blackjack players will be cautious when using their card counting skills. They know there are no legal repercussions to counting at the blackjack table, but they do know that the casino could kick them out and refuse to give them their winnings. Always go card counting with caution. Unless you like being thrown out of casinos and then by all means, be obvious with your blackjack card counting.