How Card Counting Works

Part of the image of blackjack is card counting. And that image is of a smooth blackjack player who slips in and, using his incredible intelligence, overcomes the house edge, wins lots of money and slips out before the casino staff can catch on to him.

The idea that card counting can be used to beat the house is not new. And it can help a skilled blackjack player to break even with the house’s edge, if not overcome it somewhat. And that is why it becomes a part of a skilled player’s blackjack strategy.

Some misconceptions about card counting are that you have to be super intelligent or have a photographic memory. Neither of these are true. If you can add +1 and -1 then you can count cards. Oh, and forget about the photographic memory part, you only need to be able to work with +1 and -1.

Seriously, that is all there is to the most basic and widely used card counting system: Hi-Lo.

In the Hi-Lo counting system the cards are assigned counting values as follows:

2 through 6 are +1
7 through 9 are 0
10 through Ace are -1

When playing add up the values of the cards on the table. Say you are sitting with two other players and the dealer. You are dealt a 2/8, another player is dealt 6/10, the other is dealt 4/3 and the dealer has a 2 showing. The math would look like this:

+1 + 0 + 0 -1 +1 +1 = +2

That would be the count at that point. As players are dealt more cards and the dealer plays out his hand you keep adding the counting values as the cards appear. That is how card counting works.

When the count goes at least +3 or higher, skilled card counters will begin to raise their bets. And when the count runs -3 or lower they will start to lower their bets. This is because when the count is positive it means that there are more high cards still left to be played, and high cards are good for players and natural blackjacks. But when the count goes negative it means that the remaining deck is rich in dealer favorable low cards.

In order to become skillful with card counting you need to practice a lot at home with several decks of cards. You need to work at your blackjack card counting skills until you can count quickly and quietly in your head. Card counting can get you barred from a casino, which is why you want to practice and increase your skill with card counting so that you do not get caught and barred.