Hawaii Looking to Legalize Gambling?

What could be better than Vegas?

How about a Vegas with a beach?

If it sounds good then you better jump on the wagon for those that support Hawaii in their consideration to legalize online gambling. Who knows, within a year or two you may take a plane to these beautiful islands, enjoy the beach by day and play some blackjack by night.

Yes, Hawaii has now joined the list of states that are looking to change their stances on gambling. And like other states that are considering legalizing gambling, including blackjack, slots, roulette and poker, Hawaii is looking at it as a potential boos to their budget, which is coming up short by a lot.

Here are a couple of scenarios that those who are pro-gambling are putting forth to show how much money could be generated and how it can be spent for the good of Hawaii:

In one scenario Hawaii would establish a gaming commission to issue a single five year license for a casino on Oahu. Just this one casino could provide 4,000 jobs. As for generating revenue, one casino with blackjack, slots, roulette and poker could generate around $100 million for Hawaii through taxing the casino rather than Hawaiian residents.

Another scenario would allow for casinos on Hawaiian Islands, more than one. These casinos would be handing over 80% of their taxes to Native Hawaiians. This should be a scenario that perks up the ears of Native Hawaiians as it could be used for more Hawaiian homes, financing for start-up businesses and improved health coverage—something that’s on the minds of many Americans right now.

However, those who are pro-gambling are butting heads with those who feel that legalizing casinos to have blackjack, slots, roulette and poker would only overrun the islands with crime and ruin the picturesque vacation destination that Hawaii offers. They also feel that the family-friendly environment would disappear along with their heritage.

They seem to be missing the fact that Hawaiians fly to Vegas regularly enough for Vegas to be called Hawaii’s ninth island, showing that Hawaiians like to gamble. Online offerings such as online blackjack and online slots are easy enough for Hawaiians to access. And let’s not forget that gambling is in their history—this goes back to when Hawaii was a kingdom with betting on horse races.

With the need to fill in the rather large holes in the Hawaiian budget, Hawaii should give some very serious consideration to legalizing gambling. It would provide them the revenue they need without having to tax its residents (no one likes that) and generate new jobs. Creating jobs and not over taxing residents will go a ways to stimulating the Hawaiian economy—not to mention the money tourists would be putting into casinos.