Ease of Online Blackjack When You are Sick

I had something else planned to write about today and share with you, but there has been a change of plans. As I am sick today I feel more compelled to share my thanks at how easy online blackjack is to play. The ease of online blackjack makes it possible for me to do something other than stare at the TV when I am home sick.

I think this is in part to the fact that blackjack offers some very simple rules: take a card, do not take a card, double or split. Easy. Heck it is even easy to add up to 21 when sick too. And I can do all of that while wrapped up in a blanket and sitting on the couch with my laptop. All I need to do is click the write button, and the interfaces on the majority of online blackjack games is so simple that I can read it while in a cold medicine induced semi-coma.

But another plus to online blackjack is its strategy. Players—sick or not—can use basic strategy and impact their odds, brining the house edge down to around 0.5%. All you need to do is find your starting hand and the dealer’s up card on the basic strategy chart. Where the two lines intersect is the best statistical play for your starting hand when faced with that dealer’s up card. All you need to do as a player is make that play. You are not guaranteed to win, but because it is the best statistical play, it gives you the best odds for that hand possible. And you have the satisfaction of knowing you are making the best possible play and making a success of playing online blackjack when you are in the condition that the TV remote is baffling.

So as I sit here on my couch in my PJs and cow slippers, armed with my tissues and laptop and cold medicine, I am so thankful for how easy online blackjack is to play. It makes for a much better occupation than watching soap operas.