Different Payouts Effect Blackjack Odds

Not all blackjack players are aware that how the rate of a payout can affect their blackjack odds. In some cases the effect on one’s blackjack odds is quite significant.

In most cases you will not find anything other than a 3-2 payout for online blackjack. The only exceptions to this are blackjack variations. These variations often carry even money, or 1-1, payouts in their games. But in normal blackjack games online the payout is 3-2.

Players need to be more watchful in the brick and mortar casinos. Payouts are not always posted and many players do not bother to ask, only finding out too late that they are playing at a table that does not pay 3-2.

It is important to check or to ask what the payout is before beginning to play. Not only does payout affect your money, it also affects your blackjack odds.

This is because you odds are based on your opportunity to profit from a round of blackjack. House rules can decrease these opportunities, therefore decreasing your odds, but often these are less than 0.2%. Not that you should disregard house rules that decrease your odds, but changes in payout can be even more substantial.

Players have heard of blackjack games that are offering a 6-5 payout, but there are some that are starting to pop up that are offering 7-5 payouts. Even though 7-5 is a little better than 6-5, neither one is going to do you any favors in terms of your blackjack odds.

A game with a 7-5 payout reduces your blackjack odds by 0.45% right off the bat. Just because you would be receiving less money. And those 6-5 payout games, those reduce your odds by 1.39%, which is a pretty big jump.

If you were playing with basic strategy and started in with the house having a 2% house edge, the house edge could be reduced to 0.5%. But if the payout is 6-5, then you just went to 1.89% odds in the house’s favor. You would be almost back were you started.

And those blackjack variations, like Super 21, with the even money, 1-1 payouts? Just that 1-1 payout takes 2.27% of your odds away from you and gives it to the house.

Always make sure you check what the blackjack payout is before sitting down to a game. You do not want to lower your blackjack odds simply by not checking to make sure you are playing in a 3-2 payout game. When going to play blackjack always look for 3-2 payout games.