Delaware Joins Quest to Gamble

Joining the list of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Florida and Kentucky (maybe on that one) is Delaware. They not only have one bill, but two. One is aimed at legalizing table games like blackjack and poker in their casinos that already have slots, lotteries and horse betting. Oh and dice, the bill would also legalize dice games in these casinos. But Delaware blackjack fans can begin to hope for blackjack tables of their very own.

The first bill, the one to legalize table games, comes from the House Gaming and Pari-mutuels Committee. The other is from the Delaware Senate.

The Delaware Senate is putting forth a bill that is aimed at preventing cheating in these new table games. Very conscientious of them really. Other states are trying to legalize table games or online gambling, and here is Delaware not only trying to get their table and dice games, but they are trying to make them fair games. Very conscientious.

Like other states that are looking at trying to legalize table games and online gambling, Delaware’s motives are similar: revenue.

With the United States sunk in a recession, many states are looking at alternatives they probably wouldn’t consider to fill in the holes in their budgets. State programs need funding—our children’s schools among them.

If the House Gaming and Pari-mutuels Committee’s bill is passed then Delaware casinos will have to pay $13.5 million to have table games such as blackjack. And here’s the breakdown of where the casinos’ revenues would be going if they install table games: 66% to would be kept by the casinos, 29% to the state and 4.5% to horse racing.

There is some concern that the state won’t be receiving the funds that they deserve. But I’m sure that will be discussed—at length—in future legislature sessions. Although the State’s percentage is the second highest rate of return of any state who is legalizing blackjack, poker, etc.

And so Delaware joins the ranks of states looking at games—online or not—such as blackjack, poker, etc for revenue.

Who will be next?