Card Counting Not as Hard as it Seems

I am not joking. Card counting really is not a hard blackjack strategy skill to learn. It takes time, practice and patience to master, but the basic skill is not hard.

If you can add and subtract 1 then you can count cards. Many novice card counters will start out with the Hi Lo counting system. It is the most basic and teaches novice counters the basics that will allow them to move up to more advanced counting systems in the future.

The Hi Lo system starts out by assigning counting values to the cards, either a +1, a 0 or a -1 like so:

Cards 2 through 6 are assigned and counted as +1
Cards 7 through 9 are assigned and counted as 0
Cards 10 through Ace are assigned and counted as -1

Players then count the cards on the table with their appropriate counting values, adding 1 and subtracting 1 where necessary. It is as simple as gong around the table adding and subtracting what counting values the other players, you and the dealer have.

So what do you do with this running total that you have?

Well it depends on what the cards you have counted add up to. If the running total in your head is in the positive by +3 or more it is a good indicator that a good many low cards have been played, hence the higher positive count. A positive count means that the remaining deck is rich in high cards

Card Counting: Really Illegal?

As I began to discuss yesterday, card counting is surrounded by blackjack myths. It increase the mystique of this blackjack strategy skill. It also raises it up on a pedestal as the blackjack strategy skill that every player wants but just does not think he can achieve. All because of the myths that surround card counting.

One of the myths about card counting makes up most of the intimidation about the skill, and casinos are only too happy to allow that myth to keep going. It is widely believed that card counting is illegal.

The truth is that there is no law that says that a player is not allowed to think

Card Counting Practice Helps Your Math

You hear often enough that practicing blackjack and blackjack strategy will improve you blackjack game and skills. This is very true. The only way you become better at something is to do it.

This truly applies to card counting when you are first learning the skill. Card counting, while it can greatly benefit your blackjack odds and your profits, it does require a lot of practice and time to make the skill a profitable one.

This is especially important if math is not your strong point. Even the most basic counting system, Hi Lo, involves adding positive and negative numbers together in your head quietly and quickly. It is important for you to be able to do your math in your head quickly and quietly with no outward appearance of doing so.

It is just as important as making sure to vary your wagers a bit when counting cards. Casino staff will watch players