Card Counting Devices in Blackjack

While I am sure that just about every blackjack player out in the world would love to have the advantages that card counting provides, the truth is that the majority of blackjack players will not take the time nor make the effort to gain the skill.

And there are companies out there that will try to turn a profit off of those blackjack players looking for an easy way to have the benefits of card counting without putting in the time. Such companies will create card counting devices and put them up for sale.

These little devices often are the size and resemble those little devices that you hang on your keychain to control your car alarm. In short, these little card counting devices—through the manufacturer’s technology—will do the counting for the blackjack player.

Now, while casinos consider card counting cheating, blackjack players think a little bit differently.

Card counting is not cheating. It is a skill that requires time, effort and practice in order for it to be of any use. Casinos do not like card counting because it can give players an edge, and how dare players find a way to even the odds or beat them.

But blackjack players do consider card counting devices as a way of cheating only because such devices take the skill out of card counting and take away from the skill’s prestige.

One more thing of note: while getting caught at card counting can get you thrown out of a casino, getting caught with a card counting device can potentially get charges filed against you. This is because the device proves you were cheating, while card counting as a skill cannot be proven as its evidence is really only circumstantial.

The point here, blackjack players, is that card counting devices should never, ever be used. They are riskier and pose grater consequences if you are caught with one. Just take the time and make the effort to learn to card count properly.