Blackjack Things That Do Not Work with Card Counting

Since we seem to be on a bit of a card counting trend this week, I feel that it is fair to not only discuss the good things that card counting can do for your blackjack strategy and blackjack odds, but to also discuss the things that do not work with card counting.

The biggest thing about card counting that does not work is combining it with online blackjack. It is like trying to combine oil and water—no matter how hard you try, the two will always separate.

The reason card counting does not work with online blackjack is because of how the actual game functioning of online blackjack works. When software developers create a game of online blackjack, they take all possible combinations of starting hands and dealer up cards and feed them into the game Random Number Generator (RNG).

When playing a round of online blackjack, as soon as you click Deal, the game’s RNG pulls one of those combinations. When the next round begins it pulls from all possible combinations again. And again. In online blackjack the RNG will always pull from all possibilities. Because of this, the effect is similar to when playing at a table with a Continuous Shuffle Machine (CSM) since it is like no cards are ever discarded.

And speaking of CSMs, let’s talk about those.

CSMs are a shuffling device that dealers feed all the cards from the round that just finished into. The CSM then proceeds to shuffle all of the decks before the dealer is allowed to deal the next round. This means that not only are all the cards for that table still in play, but there the order from the previous round is gone. Even if you tried counting and the count from one hand said that the cards were moving to be in your favor, the shuffle between rounds would completely throw it off.

So card counting is only effective when played at a table without a CSM and when not playing online blackjack.