Blackjack Strategy–Splitting Aces

As any good player with a good blackjack strategy knows, you always split Aces.

And you resplit too.

Every time that you split and resplit Aces you are increasing your odds by about 0.06%. Yes, I know it doesn’t sound like a lot, but take what you can get. Every little bit helps right? Yes, it does. It’s these little tricks that increase your odds that you have a blackjack strategy.

Let’s say that you are dealt a pair of Aces. Don’t be hesitant to split them.

It used to be another blackjack house rule that you could only receive only one more draw card—similar to when you double down: you increase your bet, and receive only one more card. In most cases that has changed so that you can play out a split Ace as you would any other hand.

But what if you draw another Ace? Good blackjack strategy says to resplit.

Yes, you are making a third wager, but that is another hand that you have the possibility of winning. Don’t look at plays like double downs and splitting as instant losses. Look at them as a possibility.

If you are a card counter and the deck is counting positive, it is defiantly in your best interest to split and resplit—there are nines, tens and face cards in what remains of the deck. This makes your chance of making a hand total of 21 even better.

Imagine that you have a pair of Aces and you split. You are then dealt another Ace and resplit. That’s three hands that will be receiving cards from a deck that is rich in high cards. So make the extra bet and go with it.

Even if you aren’t a card counter, that 0.06% increase each time is worth the extra bet. So make sure that splitting Aces is a part of your blackjack strategy. It’s one more opportunity for you.