Blackjack Promotion at Virgin

This week is World Space Week. Virgin Casino is encouraging blackjack players to celebrate our world’s most awesome accomplishments by hosting a World Space Week promotion.

This online blackjack promotion is being shared with online roulette players. But we all know which casino game is better.

Up for grab is a prize pool of £5,432.10. Yes, for players who are a part of the winning team, they will win a share of that £5,432.10 prize pool.

In this World Space Week promotion there are four teams for players to choose from. Blackjack players can choose to root for in Virgin’s space race are the United States of America, Great Britain, China or Russia. Players can only choose one team.

Upon registering for the World Space Week promotion, players choose one of the aforementioned teams. Then they must wager a minimum of £100 on any of Virgin’s online blackjack games or online roulette games. As long as the £100 is wagered on any of those types of casino games, players are then entered in the space race for the team they have chosen.

The World Space Week promotion began yesterday, October 4th, and will continue through Sunday, October 10th.

At the end of the promotion on October 10th which ever country’s team has made it to the moon first will win the World Space Week promotion. Players who chose the winning country when they registered will be awarded a share of the £5,432.10 prize pool.

This is one easy online blackjack promotion to play in. Choose a country and wager a minimum of £100 to receive a share of that £5,432.10 if your country wins. Too difficult at all and a fun way to celebrate our world’s space achievements.