Blackjack Philosophy No-No’s—Part VI

Now we find ourselves back on the subject of those blackjack player contrived philosophies. And thus far we have learned that they can all b debunked. Perhaps I should have called this blog series ‘Blackjack Philosophy Busters.’ No, that would be unoriginal.

Anyway, today we’re going to take a look at the philosophy that you must play an extra spot to preserve the rotation of the cards.

Like all other blackjack philosophies, this one isn’t true as well.

This scenario usually comes about when there’s an expert at the blackjack table. A card counting expert. When this card counting expert has counted the deck to be rich in high cards, he starts playing a second hand. And when the count starts to go south, he will return to playing only one hand.

Now chances are the blackjack players that believe in this philosophy are generally on the novice end of the scale. They’re still learning the game. They also believe things like third base being able to influence the dealer and that no one should enter a game mid-shoe. They, in other words, believe in the order of the cards.

But there is no order.

Since you have no idea whether the next card will be the best for you or the one after it, there is no need to worry about preserving any order.

The thing that these novice blackjack players are doing is absorbing high card hands that they might not be able to play out in the most advantageous way. This shortens the run of high cards. And that upset the expert.

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