Blackjack Philosophy No-No’s—Part I

Blackjack is a game of skill, yes? Yes. So why is it that casinos, both online and land-based can rake in tens of thousands of dollars from blackjack games a month? It can be owed to player contrived blackjack philosophies. And these, quite plainly, don’t work. Some of these philosophies can be applied to both online blackjack and land-based. But keep them all in the back of your mind.

And while these blackjack philosophies might make sense in someone’s head, they generally don’t stand up to logic. So I will bring you the logic.

Changing Tables When the Dealer is “Hot”
No, that doesn’t mean that the dealer is good looking.

Players will term a dealer as being “hot” when the dealer makes several four or five card hands in a row. Or they’ll simply term a dealer “hot” when they keep losing to the dealer.

And that right there is where the first hole is punched in this philosophy. The player keeps losing. So in a quiet, passive-aggressive response, the player will change tables. To me this is sulking that the cards were running in the dealer’s favor.

But in blackjack, the cards don’t favor one or the other forever. If a dealer is “hot” by winning with several hands made up of small cards, what does that mean? It means that the high cards—the 10s, face cards and Aces—haven’t been played yet. So you don’t want to leave the table. Bet small and wait it out until the high cards begin to come out. You’ll be glad you didn’t give into your sulk and leave.

Keep an eye out for Blackjack Philosophy No-No’s—Part II