Blackjack Myth: Avoid Choosing the Last Seat at the Table

This one kind of goes along with that whole myth about the player at third base being able to effect the outcome of the dealer’s hand. According to this myth, any smart blackjack player will avoid sitting and playing in the last seat at the blackjack table.

Mostly this blackjack myth came about because of the third base affecting the outcome of the dealer’s hand. Because people honestly believe in the third base blackjack myth, they started believing that the third base seat should be avoided.

But there are some contentions and just plain common sense that argue against this blackjack myth.

My first, and favorite, if no one sits in the seventh (better known as third base) chair, then it means that whoever is in the sixth chair would be the one to affect the outcome of the dealer’s hand—that is if you believe that myth. So if everyone then avoids the seventh and sixth chairs, it comes down to the fifth. And then the fourth.

You can see where I am going with this. And you can see that by avoiding the seventh chair is silly.

Another bit of common sense, and this one applies to both the third seat affecting the dealer’s hand and avoiding the third seat. Everyone’s plays have an impact on the deck, regardless of who hits or stands because everyone has a choice, and their choices effect whether a card is taken from the deck or not.

The third base myth came about because players wanted to be able to blame someone when they lost because the dealer won. And the whole avoid the last seat at the table came about because no one wants to be blamed for everyone losing.

In reality, we all need to understand that one person does not make or break the dealer’s hand. Each of us is responsible for our own hands. And, despite being a game of skill, there is a certain amount of luck involved in blackjack. You play your hand the best way according to your blackjack strategy, and if you win, great, and if not, better luck next time.

And please, stop avoiding the last seat just because of some myth.