Blackjack Makes Brushing Up on Your Math Skills Fun

For most people math ends when we get out of school, be it high school or college. Other than basic adding, subtracting and multiplying we do not really use much math. And with all these nifty apps for mobile devices we almost never do basic math anymore. But blackjack can help you brush up on your math and make it fun at the same time in two ways.

First there is the basic math that is inherent with blackjack—you have to add up your cards for your hand total. Now I do not know about you, but I find the idea of adding up numbers on a sheet of paper less interesting and less fun than when adding up cards in a hand of blackjack.

But the big aspect of blackjack that can help you brush up on your math skills is card counting. Card counting uses the addition of positive and negative numbers. For example you could be adding a -1 to 3, which gives you 2.

Sure you might be saying that the above example looks easy but imagine that you cannot see the actual positive and negative numbers, and that you have to do all the math instantly in your head as soon as you see the cards and without giving away to anyone else that you are doing the math in your head.

Now you see where the challenge and the fun comes in to using blackjack as a fun way to brush up on your math skills. Not to mention you will be gaining a blackjack strategy skill in card counting that you can use to help lower, if not beat, the house edge.