Blackjack App Thoughts

I have a couple of really good idea for a blackjack app for all these mobile devices out there, all of the smartphones and iPads and iPhones and what not. But I lack the technical know-how to actually create such mobile apps. So what I want to know is why someone without the technical know-how can think of these blackjack apps, but no one with the actual ability to create them has not done so. I mean, I would buy the apps.

I have heard about mobile blackjack apps that will help teach you the game and its rules. And I have heard of mobile apps that let you play blackjack on the go.

But there are two apps or parts of apps that I want to see.

I want to see a mobile blackjack app that can sync with others with the same app nearby. Kind of like those dating/flirting apps that people have—the ones that alert you when someone you are compatible with and who also has the app is nearby.

The way it would work in a blackjack app is for the person to play blackjack and receive a score based on how well they play. Then, when they are within the vicinity of another person with this nifty blackjack app, their phone will alert each person and their top score will be sent to each other. This will inspire some competitiveness between players. Play, spend time on the app, so that you will not be embarrassed with when another blackjack player with the app comes within the trading zone and your score gets zapped to them. Play hard, blackjack players!

Another blackjack mobile app I want to see is more practical. I want to see an app that teaches blackjack strategy. Specifically one that teaches basic strategy. Basic strategy is a free strategy that anyone can access after all, but not many players actually know how to teach themselves basic strategy. They need something that will teach.

So those are my ideas for blackjack mobile apps that I want to see. There are already plenty out there that simply allow you to play on the go, be they only about blackjack or part of a mobile casino app.