Blackjack Advice: the Good and the Bad

It never fails to amuse me. Blackjack advice from someone who obviously doesn’t know much about the game or its nuances. And I found just such an article this morning. The lesson in this post is why you shouldn’t listen to what they are saying.

For one thing, when the tips they offer are vague and can be applied across the board of casino games, you know the person who wrote the article doesn’t know much about blackjack. So I’m going to share some ‘tips’ from the article I found this morning.

The first one has to be the funniest: “If you ignore all of the following information, you will have a very good chance of losing all of your money while at the blackjack tables.”

This is a wonderful start! Put the fear in the person seeking knowledge. When a tips article starts out this way it’s a pretty good indicator that the person behind the article doesn’t have a good base of blackjack. If you pick up a book written by a pro nowhere in it will they make such a hellfire and brimstone statement. They’ll warn you that blackjack is a game in which you can use strategy, and that strategy can improve your game and your odds, but they won’t tell you that you will lose all your money.

Another one that I found rather entertaining: “Players must be prepared to play blackjack.”

What exactly do they mean by prepared? Are we talking breaking out a full suit of armor and helmet? Are we talking about putting ourselves through some rigorous mental preparation—some meditation with a blackjack mantra?

If you want to play blackjack, if you’ve gone to the casino or online casino with the intent of playing blackjack, then you have already prepared yourself. This is a fun game that doesn’t require some extraneous amount of preparation. You set out to enjoy it and then you play.

Now it might be a good idea to have a basic strategy chart handy, but it’s not a requirement to play. It’s smart to play with it considering how it can impact the house edge. But there is no rule that bars you from blackjack if you don’t have one.

While tips from those who really aren’t familiar with blackjack can be amusing they can be harmful to your game as well. I’ll discuss a couple of those in my next post.