Basic Strategy and Insurance

The majority of blackjack players play the smart way. Meaning that they play according to basic strategy. They start out with the chart and in time, either through playing many, many times or from studying it, are able to play without the chard on hard because they know what plays to make and when.

Playing blackjack—both online and off—according to basic strategy is one of the best tools in a blackjack player’s strategy arsenal. While, yes, it’s true that playing perfect basic strategy can lower the house edge to 0.5%, there is more that basic strategy gives a blackjack player.

Basic strategy will tell a blackjack player how to play any hand he could be dealt against any up card the dealer has. So a basic strategy player will always know what play to make—there is no doubt in their plays.

And what to you get when you know what you’re doing and you know that you know what you’re doing?

Confidence. You have confidence.

Having confidence in your blackjack playing is important. There will be times when you are offered insurance. And we all know what insurance really is and why we never, ever take it. But there are times when you have a strong hand and don’t want to waste it. But you know, as a basic strategy player, that you shouldn’t take insurance.

The other thing that a blackjack basic strategy player must remember is that insurance will undermine the work of basic strategy. While basic strategy lowers the house edge in blackjack, insurance will raise it. This is why it’s very important for a blackjack player to have the confidence to refuse insurance, even when they have a strong hand.