All I Want for Christmas is a Blackjack App!

Christmas is upon us, blackjack players! For us this does not really mean much in all honesty. Online casinos do gear up for the holidays with exciting promotions, but those promotions and tournaments are heavily weighted for online slots play. And since I prefer to play a casino game I can actually make money off of, I will stick with blackjack. Guess this means I will have to give up hope of an online casino Christmas.

Or perhaps not.

Studies have shown that there is a spike in time spent on casino game mobile apps in the month of December, with a particularly high amount of usage on Christmas Day. And what did the researchers conclude as possible reasons for this?

Bad TV for one thing. There is nothing on except reruns of regular shows and more reruns of the same Christmas movies that have been aired year after year. Rather than watch the same show again and again, year after year players are turning more and more to their mobile devices.

There is a definite increase overall—not just turning Christmas—in the use of mobile casino games such as blackjack apps. And what can I say—people are on the go more and more and their phones are going with them. Much easier to carry a cell phone and play a few rounds of blackjack while waiting for a plane than to haul out the trusty laptop, boot up, log on and then play.

So it is not surprising that people are using mobile casino and blackjack apps to keep themselves amused during the holidays, especially when taking into consideration researchers other reason for increased mobile game usage: taking a break from family.

The holidays bring family together. And while this is a good thing, it can also try people’s patience when they are not normally used to being around Auntie Muriel for extended periods of time. So if they need a break they can duck out of the room, play few rounds of blackjack, get their head on straight again and then return to the fireside with the rest of the family.

And you will be glad to know that of the mobile gaming apps blackjack apps are one of the most popular. I simply attribute this to blackjack being a game in which you can beat the dealer in, and if you are lucky enough to be able to play 32Red’s mobile casino app for real money, you can actually make a few bucks in escaping from Auntie Muriel. Lucky UK players!

Even though I am not a UK player, I will still take my mobile blackjack app over an online slots tournament any day—including Christmas!