Economy Hits Blackjack

No surprise, the economy has hit blackjack.

It seems that seems that blackjack revenue has fallen 20% since last year. And it had already fallen 12% in 2008.

Normally blackjack brings in around $1 billion in Nevada. But last year it fell to the income level it had in the late 1990

New Blackjack Strategy Doesn

Well, blackjack players, it seems that someone has come up with a new blackjack strategy. Something that its creator says is better than anything out there, including basic strategy.

Dr. Kevin Whitburn says that his new strategy for blackjack will actually give the edge to the player. To the tune of 1-6% in their favor. Sound too good to be true? Oh, yeah it does.

But the problem with this strategy is that he explains it in contradictions.

For example, Whitburn says that his blackjack strategy, cleverly called MOST, is based on math. But you don

Strategy Tips for Online Blackjack

While the rules for online blackjack are the same as those for blackjack played in a land based casino, strategy for online blackjack needs to be approached a little differently.

Basic strategy is going to be the single most effective strategy tools for online blackjack. Unfortunately card counting isn