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Realtime Gaming Blackjack

Free Online Realtime Gaming RTG Blackjack Games

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Realtime Gaming is one of the more commonly used and more widely known online blackjack software packages available online. The RTG casino software runs faster than any other blackjack games online, and the action is clear and easy to follow. The purpose of this page is to provide as complete a guide as possible to Realtime Gaming RTG blackjack online. Since all online casinos using RTG software offer free online blackjack games, this is a great casino option for anyone, no matter where they live. (I don't know of any jurisdiction where playing blackjack online is illegal, although playing for real money might be problematic depending on where you live. Playing for free isn't blackjack gambling though; it's just playing a video blackjack game.)

Play Internet Blackjack at Realtime Gaming Casinos

Realtime Gaming BlackjackA few things to consider before you play Internet blackjack at Realtime Gaming casinos include their signup bonus rules and their rules for depositing and withdrawing. I don't know of any Realtime Gaming casinos who accept blackjack wagering toward their wagering requirements, so even if you're a devout blackjack player who never plays slots, I'd recommend taking your bonus and playing it through the slots before hitting the Internet blackjack tables. Whatever is left of your bonus can then be applied to your blackjack game. With autoplay features being so easy to use at RTG casinos, you shouldn't have any problem taking care of your wagering requirements on the slots games quickly and without effort.

Realtime Gaming Blackjack Rules and RTG Blackjack Strategy

How to Play Realtime Gaming Blackjack

RTG Blackjack - Free Online 21Learning how to play Realtime Gaming blackjack games is easy. They follow the same standard blackjack rules as all blackjack games do. I've included the specific rules variations commonly found at Realtime Gaming casinos below:

Most Realtime Gaming casinos use 4 decks, but the casino operator can choose how many decks to deal from. The only way to find out specifically how many decks are being used at your specific Realtime Gaming casino is to ask the customer service department. They'll usually know.

In Realtime Gaming blackjack games, the dealer hits a soft 17. You can double down on any 2 cards. You are also allowed to double down after a split, but you're only allowed to split twice, for a maximum of 3 hands. Most RTG casinos don't allow late surrender, although some casinos, like Bodog Casino, do allow it. (Like the number of decks being used, the casino operator gets to decide.)

Realtime Gaming Blackjack Strategy Charts - RTG Blackjack Strategy Card

Blackjack strategies vary slightly based on rules variations and number of decks. For simplicity's sake, I've only included a Realtime Gaming blackjack strategy chart below for the 4-8 decks version of the game. Using that strategy will work fine even on a 2 deck game, because there are minimal differences between the 2 strategies. I've organized the strategy section into a chart below, but it's formatted a little differently from most blackjack strategy charts. A more traditional strategy chart provided by Bodog Casino follows this chart. Use whichever strategy card is easier for you to understand.

Hard hands

Hard 8 Always hit
Hard 9 Double down if the dealer has a 3, 4, 5, or 6 showing, otherwise just hit.
Hard 10 Double down if the dealer has a 2 through 9 showing, otherwise just hit.
Hard 11 Always double down.
Hard 12 Stand against a dealer 4, 5, or 6, otherwise hit.
Hard 13 - 16 Stand against a dealer 2 through 6, and hit against a dealer 7 through ace.

Exception: Surrender a 15 or 16 against a dealer 10 or ace if allowed. Also surrender a 16 against a dealer 9. If you're not allowed to surrender in those situations, hit.
Hard 17 or higher Always stand.

Exception: Surrender the 17 against a dealer ace if allowed. Otherwise stand.

Soft hands

Soft 13 through 17 Always hit, but double down against a dealer 5 or 6. You should also double down a soft 15, 16, or 17 against a dealer 4. You should also double down a soft 18 against a dealer 3.
Soft 18 or higher Versus a dealer 2 through 6, you should double down if allowed or stand if now allowed.

Stand versus a dealer 7 or 8.

Hit versus a dealer 9 or higher.


Always split aces and 8's, unless the dealer has an ace. Surrender the 8's against a dealer ace if allowed, otherwise split.
Don't split 4's, 5's or 10's, with this exception: you can split 4's against a dealer's 5 or 6.

But always play the 5's or 10's like a hard 10 or 20.
Split 2's and 3's versus a dealer 2 through 7, otherwise hit.
Split 6's and 7's against a dealer 2 through 6. Also split 7's against a dealer 7.
Stand on 9's versus a dealer 7, 10, or ace. Otherwise split.

And that's just about everything you need to know about Realtime Gaming blackjack strategies. In fact, those should be the only strategy cards you'll ever need in order to win at Realtime Gaming blackjack.

If you prefer a pretty chart with colors, Bodog has made one available for us to use here. (Please note that clicking on the strategy chart will take you to Bodog Casino.)

Realtime Gaming Blackjack Strategy Chart

Realtime Gaming Blackjack Tips

I only have 2 tips for how to win at Realtime Gaming blackjack. The 1st is to always follow the basic strategy outlined above. There is no room for guesswork and intuition at the blackjack table. The 2nd tip is to avoid thinking that you can achieve any success by counting cards. RTG software is going to shuffle the deck after every deal, so ranging your bets based on how you count cards isn't going to do anything but put more money into action with the same house edge.

Download Realtime Gaming Blackjack

Realtime Gaming casinos are available in 2 versions: one is a download and the other is a no-download flash version. Both versions offer blackjack, but the download version is crisper and faster than the flash version. The RTG download also offers over 75 different games, including the various 21 games and a wide variety of slots and video poker games.

Realtime Gaming Blackjack Download

The procedure for downloading a Realtime Gaming casino is pretty straightforward and works almost exactly the same way at all of their casinos. The first step involves clicking on a button somewhere on their site that says "Download Now" or "Free Download". (This button is usually pretty prominent.) After that you'll get a "File Download" dialogue box. Click on "save". Then save the file to your desktop. This will cause an icon representing the installer to appear on your desktop. Double click on this icon when you're ready to finalize the installation of the casino. You'll have to agree to a licensing agreement, then the software will be installed. Since it's only about 3.5mb in size, it won't take long to install.

Once you've tried the Realtime Gaming blackjack software I think you'll think it's about as close an experience to Las Vegas blackjack as you'll find online.

Realtime Gaming 21 Blackjack Odds - House Edge

The odds at all blackjack games from Realtime Gaming favor the house, making it a negative expectation game. That's the bad news. The good news is that the house edge is lower on this game than on almost any other game available on the RTG software. When you play 21 at an RTG casino, your disadvantage is anywhere between 0.34% in the best case scenario (2 decks with surrender allowed) and 0.58% in the worst case scenario (4 decks with no surrender allowed). In either rate, the RTG blackjack odds are far better than Realtime Gaming roulette odds or something like that.

In any case, the house edge listed above assumes you're playing with perfect basic strategy and making no mistakes. The more you deviate from the basic strategy, the higher the house edge becomes.

Realtime Gaming Blackjack Casinos

A list of recommended Realtime Gaming blackjack casinos follows. The list includes some comments regarding each casino and the bonuses available there.

1 | Cirrus Casino
Another great option for Realtime Gaming blackjack, with a 200% initial deposit bonus available. A solid casino operation.
Deposit $100 and get $200 in bonus chips.

2 | Club Player Casino
This company has been in the online casino business for over 8 years. 100% secure. Club Player caters to high rollers online.
Cashable bonus - 100% up to $1000. High rollers welcome!

3 | Palace of Chance Casino
Another casino that's been online for a long time. No deposit required bonuses available. Get your free money to play with today.
$25 free - no deposit required to play for real money.

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