Reverse of Blackjack Introduced at Vegas’ Golden Nugget

Have you heard of Rupert from ‘Survivor?’ I am sure you have, everyone who watches TV has at least heard of the shaggy, be-tie-dyed-shirted guy. After three spins on ‘Survivor’ Rupert Boneham has found his way to Las Vegas…with a new casino game in hand. The game, which is called Rupert’s Island Draw, is something of a reverse of blackjack.

We are all familiar with the concept of blackjack. The whole point is to beat the dealer without going over a hand total of 21.

Now there is Rupert’s Island Draw. Well, it is at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas for its 45 day to 180 day trial that was approved by the Nevada Gaming Control Board, which Boneham went to in order to present his card game for approval.

It was after the NGCB’s approval that Boneham made a visit to Rich Lemon, the Casino Manager of Table Games at the Golden Nugget. Lemon was quickly impressed and says of the game, “There really is not another game like it on the casino floor. It is totally different.”

Rupert’s Island Draw is played with sixteen decks of cards made up of Aces, 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s and 6s. The objective of the game is not to beat the dealer, but to obtain a total less than the dealer’s. There are side bets in Rupert’s Island Draw, so I can classify it as the reverse of a blackjack variation. But beyond the side bets and the objective, there have been no other reports of the rules of Boneham’s card game.

Already the card game is a hit in the Golden Nugget, but that might be a result of Boneham being on hand to kick the game off. Now whether this reverse on blackjack will have staying power or any longevity in a casino and whether to continue to offer the game will be determined at the end of its trial.