Rules to Improve Your Blackjack Odds

The better your blackjack odds are, the better your chances of taking home some extra money. Thankfully blackjack is one such game that you can do this with.

Blackjack is a casino game in which the odds are not set in stone, like how they are with a slots game. Tables and online blackjack games can have different rules that can either help improve your blackjack odds or hurt them. Naturally, you want to look for the rules that will improve your blackjack odds.

But do you know what house rules to be on the lookout for to improve your blackjack odds?

One of the best rules to look for is blackjacks that pay 2-1. This rule can increase your blackjack odds by 2.27%. With a 3-2 payout you would be paid $15 for a blackjack on a $10 wager. But your winnings for a blackjack at a 2-1 table is $20. You are being paid more for you blackjack and that hits the house harder.

Another good house rule to be on the lookout for is an automatic win for a Five Card Charlie. A Five Card Charlie is a hand of five cards whose total value is still less than 21. If you are playing at a table that allows a Five Card Charlie to beat anything the dealer has—a natural blackjack included—your blackjack odds can increase by 1.64%.

There is another 2-1 payout offered on some blackjacks: a 2-1 payout on suited blackjacks. At a table with this rule, a normal blackjack will receive a 3-2 payout, while a suited blackjack receives a 2-1 payout. A suited blackjack means one made up of an Ace and a 10 value card of the same suit: both clubs, both spades, both diamonds or both hearts. A 2-1 payout on a suited blackjack can increase your blackjack odds by 0.57%

So while you are out cruising the casino floor or the online casinos, keep an eye out for these rules. And if you find a game that has even one of them, jump and start playing so that you can take advantage of the increase to your blackjack odds.