What is Real and Imaginary in Blackjack? Part IV

Welcome back. Yes, there’s more to discuss. It seems that while the rules in blackjack aren’t extensive, the myths and “rules” are. And you have to wade through them, whittle away at them to get down to what is actually relevant to playing blackjack. Let’s continue.

  • As the third base player you have to take the dealer’s bust card and change the way their outcome.

– This one is a no. Let’s say that the player at third base doesn’t take a card, then the previous player was the one that took the dealer’s bust card. Or maybe the player before that one. You can see where I’m going with this. In other words, the player at third base doesn’t effect the dealer specifically because any player who hits changes the outcome of the round. And if it were true that the third base player could cause the dealer to win or lose, the casinos would have already hired players to make sure the dealer won.

  • A new player entering the game mid-shoe will disrupt the flow of the cards, causing everyone to lose.

– I think that you can take card games so seriously to the point that superstitions become fact in some minds. That’s a beyond serious hobby then. Back to the “rule” at hand. No. No, a new player will not cause everyone to lose. Okay, yes, it’s true that the cards could flow differently. And even then, that’s not entirely solid. Say one person leaves the table at the end of a round and someone else joins the game before the next round is dealt. Is the flow of the cards really changing? It’s the same number of people. The new person is sitting in the same place as the old one. You haven’t moved. So in theory, you’re going to receive the same cards that you would have whether the first player left or not.

The other thing about this “rule” is that the flow of cards is random. Let’s say the this new player didn’t replace an old one. Let’s say that he or she sat down at a different seat or took an unoccupied seat. Yes, you are not going to receive the cards that you would have received had that new player never joined. This doesn’t mean you’re going to lose. There is nothing that says the cards will flow better or worse. Remember, the cards are random. Who knows, rather than make the flow worse, this new player could make them flow better for you. Because of the seriousness with which some players believe these sorts of “rules,” maybe they should take vows to the blackjack table:

I take you, blackjack, to play always from this day forward, for better card flow or worse, for losing bets and winning, for busting or not busting, to love  and to damn; from this day forward until through my lost money we part.

Okay, that was a little mean. I mean no ill will against marriage, truly. It’s just the seriousness that people apply to blackjack. Yes, you can take it seriously and strive to be the best player that you can be. But we you take these “rules” that can be broken apart with simple logic, well, that’s where I’m astounded. Or perhaps I’m too logical.

  • It matters how the casino or online software shuffles the cards.

– I’m going to re-title this blog “What is Real or Imaginary in Blackjack: Part IV, the Extreme Superstitions. That being said, no, in no way does it effect what cards you are going to be dealt. In online casinos, cards are dealt by a random number generator (RNG), in which the word “random” says enough. In land based casinos, especially at tables that are using six or eight decks, they are going to be using a shuffling machine, which eliminates a human dealer from not shuffling them properly. If anything, using a shuffling machine will cause a deck to be used faster, allowing for more rounds. Casinos like this as it gives you more opportunities to lose. So of course they are going to use shuffling machines. If it gives them more opportunities to take your money, they will do it.

Keep an eye out for: What is Real and Imaginary in Blackjack? Part V