Dreaming of a Green Christmas Online Blackjack Style

There are two things that any online blackjack player would have on their Christmas list this year. One is to have lawmakers up on Capitol Hill pass someone’s online gambling legislation, preferably Representative Barney Frank’s—not liking Senator Harry Reid’s heavy interest for Nevada brick and mortar online casino versions. And, two, to have some money.

The money part, that is the easier part of the two.

It is the first part, regulation of online gambling in the United States, that is the trickier.

For one thing there are a lot of lawmakers who feel that online gambling would open up a chasm into which the poor little lost US citizens would fall into.

I cannot get on board with that. Online gamblers are some pretty savvy people, especially online blackjack players. Not that I am biased or anything.

Online blackjack allows players to make real money without having to leave their homes. It is the one online casino game with the best odds for players. Players have a 48% chance of winning a round of blackjack. This comes about from a house edge of 0.5% when playing online blackjack according to basic strategy. There is no other house edge that is that low.

It is that low house edge combined with that 48% shot of winning a round that puts blackjack—not online poker—as the online casino game to play. Yes, online poker is more popular. It has its roots spread out more in popular culture. And, yes, you can make money from online poker. The odds are better when playing online blackjack is all I am saying.

And odds are very important for those who want to make some money from online gambling. In that case, online blackjack is the way to go.

This means that we need to be behind our representatives and senators, even Reid, that are trying to get online gambling regulation. If we want online gambling we need to make our voices heard. So tell your representatives and senators what you want for Christmas: online gambling regulation and the ability to win some real money from online blackjack.