Microchip Blackjack Happening

Imagine a game of blackjack in which you place your chips on the table and your betting total is instantly calculated by the casino. The casino is watching you and your chips, and how you are betting in blackjack, how much you a betting.

Sound a tad Big Brother?

Well, it does kind of sound that way. It seems casinos may have found a way to track their chips. The Meadows in Pennsylvania says that it might have in place microchipped casino chips. These chips would use a radio frequency identification technology to communicate with the casino.

According to the Meadows these microchipped casino chips can be used at a blackjack table to add up a player’s wager faster. And then at the end of the night, these RFID chips can increase the speed of cashing out at the cage at the end of the night.

Sean Sullivan, General Manager of the Meadows, has also given another reason that players should welcome these chips: they will protect players. How so? Because these chips will have RFID technology in their chips it will nearly eliminate counterfeiting chips. This way players will not be surprised when they go to cash out and are told some of their chips are not real.

The chips are being presented as nothing but beneficial to casino patrons.

However, blackjack players have reason to be wary of these microchipped casino chips: it can also make it easier for the casino to pick out card counters.

If these chips are communicating with the casino how much a player is wagering on a game of blackjack each round, casino staff will be able to see when a blackjack player raises and lowers his wager.

So while, yes, there are some benefits to these fancy chips, card counting blackjack players will most likely not take to them at all. You have to wonder how this is going to impact blackjack traffic at the Meadows.