West Virginia Blackjack a Success

August saw the first full month that the Chares Town Hollywood Casino had their blackjack and other table game set up.

While the debate on whether or not to allow blackjack and other table games in the state, the hope was that the addition of table games would boost revenue for the state who is in need of the money.

For those that were supportive of the table games’ addition, you were so very right.

In its first full month of operation, Charles Town Hollywood pulled $9.75 million from their table games. And of that $9.75 million, $2.23 million was from blackjack alone. Of the total $5.88 million that West Virginia received in “privileged taxes” from the five casinos, $3.4 million came from the Charles Town Hollywood.

How is that for generating revenue?

As for the other three casinos in West Virginia, their table game revenue looked like this:

$3 million at the Mountaineer Racetrack and Casino
$1.8 million at Nitro’s Mardi Gras Casino
$1.46 million at Wheeling Island
$776,318 at the Greenbrier Resort Casino

Even with the other four casino revenues combined, the Charles Town Hollywood still pulled in 58% of the August’s table game revenue. And that was with only half of their tables open.

There seems to be a shortage of licensed dealers in the West Virginia area, and as a result, the Charles Town Hollywood cannot open all 85 of their blackjack and other table games. Which is a shame considering how much revenue they generated with only half of their tables open. Imagine how much West Virginia could make if all 85 tables were open. So the table game additions were a definite positive idea.