Who is Hollywood Dave?

Ladies who play blackjack, you should all know who Hollywood Dave is. Doesn’t matter if you play blackjack online or not. You should know who this guy is.

This guy is not only “The Undisputed Bad Boy of Blackjack,” he would also qualify for entry in a Hot Dudes of Blackjack blog post series.

When he was younger he realized that he wasn’t the jock-type and turned his interests to artistic pursuits. This included acting. After attaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre, Dave moved to Los Angeles. Once there he worked those boring mundane jobs that all actors seem to get stuck with so that they can make a living and still be in the area to try to make it on the screen.

But Dave got smart. And he got into blackjack. Pursuing an income from playing blackjack, Dave got the income he wanted and the flexible schedule he needed for acting. And thus Hollywood Dave entered the blackjack scene.

But something happened. He wasn’t just good at blackjack—this guy had talent! Especially when it came to card counting. And while local casinos didn’t like him, the blackjack world would come to love him.

Hollywood Dave eventually wound up on the 2004 World Series of Blackjack where his fan base began to grow. And no wonder he has a fan base—this is a hot blackjack player who can play the cards!

But it didn’t end with the World Series of Blackjack. Oh, no. Hollywood Dave on Celebrity Blackjack as well.

But what makes him worthy of a potential Hot Dudes of Blackjack blog post series? Cute face, blue eyes, black or blond messy spiked hair. And he does have that bad boy style going on with his clothes—wrist bands, cuffs, loose jeans, dark attire. His fun and funky style makes him a favorite among the ladies of blackjack and his fans. And we could never forget about his talent with card counting and blackjack!