What to do with a Hot Dealer

In blackjack you will hear players refer to a dealer as being ‘hot.’ But what does that mean? No, it has nothing to do with how they look I promise.

A dealer is said to be hot in one of two instances. His last several winning hands have been made up of four or five cards. Or the blackjack player keeps losing to him.

There are some blackjack players that will act out in a passive aggressive manner and switch tables. This apparently means that a hot dealer no longer stands in their way. Because they truly believe that that’s how you deal with a hot dealer. Get up and leave. A tad on the petulant side really.

But in reality you shouldn’t leave that blackjack table.

Let’s break this down a bit. When a dealer is said to be hot it means that he’s getting all those low cards that favor him. Hence the strong hands made up of four and five cards, and more blackjack players losing. But can you tell me what the key to this is?

The key is the low cards. A dealer is hot when there is a run of low cards. But a run won’t continue indefinitely. Eventually the cards will turn. And what happens after a run of low cards?

That’s right, a run of high cards, the ones that favor the blackjack players. And that is why you don’t want to leave that blackjack table because you want to be there when those high cards start flowing.

So when you encounter a hot dealer, reduce your wager and wait the cards out. Eventually the run will end and the high cards will come. And this is why you need to apply some logic and break down self-proclaimed blackjack philosophies made by players.