Blackjack Odds vs. Other Casino Games

When it comes to playing online blackjack, it is one of the best online casino games to play. For one thing, online blackjack is easy. But in terms of making a profit from a casino game, online blackjack is the way to go considering that it offers you the best odds.

Seriously, it does. Let’s take a look shall we. I am going to list all of the online casino games that can be commonly found in online casinos and their house advantages. I am going to list them by game and in order of highest house edge to lowest.

Baccarat: Tie: 14.44%
Baccarat: Player: 1.24%
Baccarat: Dealer: 1.06$

Caribbean Stud Poker: 5.22%

Craps: Any 7: 16.67%
Craps: Any Craps: 11.1%
Craps: 4 and 10: 6.66%
Craps: Field: 5.55%
Craps: 5 and 9: 4.0%
Craps: 6 and 8: 1.51%
Craps: Pass/Don’t Pass: 1.41%
Craps: Come/Don’t Come: 1.41%

Keno: 25%-29%

Pai Gow Poker: 2.50%

Roulette: American: 5.26%
Roulette: European: 2.7%

Slots: $0.05: 15.20%
Slots: $0.25: 10.20%
Slots: $0.50: 9.10%
Slots: $1: 8.10%
Slots: $5: 5.50%
Slots: $25: 5.30%
Slots: $100: 3.90%

Video poker: 5.00%

Now that you have seen the odds on some of the most common online casino games we can talk about online blackjack odds. The house edge in online blackjack when playing with basic strategy is 0.5%. As you can see, none of the common online casino games comes close to the odds offered by online blackjack.

When you consider blackjack’s placement in comparison to othercasino games, it is easy to see why a large number of players prefer online blackjack. With the house edge being that low, a player’s odds of making a profit with online blackjack explains its profitability.