BlackjackPro May Be the Saving Grace of PokerTek

Last year I brought to light a United States based gaming table company who specializes in poker. Well, poker tables that is. Automated ones. In November I discussed how PokerTek was expanding their product line with the introduction of automated blackjack tables called BlackjackPro. This would also change their specialization from poker to automated casino game tables in general.

This month with the installation of the first round of several BlackjackPro installations. Two things were revealed by CEO Mark Roberson with the first round of installation of BlackjackPro. 1. PokerTek was looking to expand its offering of automated table games, calling the forth coming tables ProCore, and BlackjackPro would be the first of the ProCore series; and 2. The expanded offerings were to generate more revenue.

At first the expansion openly detailed to increase expansion might raise eyebrows

PokerTek Makes First BlackjackPro Installation

Back in November I announced that a hitherto manufacturer of automated poker tables, PokerTek, was expanding their product range by creating a new gaming platform that they are calling ProCore. The first casino game in the ProCore lineup is BlackjackPro. And the first of several installations took place earlier this week. In other words, it has begun.

Prior to ProCore, PokerTek was an industry poker specialist. Apparently they were not content to stick with poker and decided to expand their reach within in the casino industry: