Picking a Good Blackjack Table

Do you know how to pick a good blackjack table?

Imagine walking into your favorite casino and onto the floor. You head to the blackjack tables. Games are going at all the tables and all the tables have at least one empty seat. You begin cruising the floor trying to determine which table to take a seat at.

You see one table with only a couple of people playing. There’s another one where everyone playing is laughing and carrying on. At that table over there the players all seem to have lots of chips in front of them. So which one do you pick?

The truth is that you use none of those indicators to choose a blackjack table.

The number of people at a table means nothing. It could be that there were more players who left shortly before you came. Or that the casino staff opened another blackjack table because it seems to be a little busier tonight.

As for the guys having a good time, they could all be friends who are out celebrating something unrelated to blackjack or gambling. Maybe it’s a bachelor’s party and they’re all excited and heckling the soon-to-be-married guy.

Those people with lots of chips in front of them? They could have started with large bankrolls or be playing low stakes and are slowly using their chips. Do you see how those things you first noticed aren’t really relevant to choosing a table?

Look at the cards. Watch a blackjack table for a few rounds and see how the cards are flowing. If you see a few rounds with a good number of low cards (2-6) take a seat at that table.

Yes, I know, low cards tend to favor the dealer, but after a flux of low cards there will logically be a run of high cards. And high cards are good for players and good for blackjacks.

Yes, this way of picking a blackjack table requires a little more time and patience, but if it puts you in the position to play through a run of high cards your time and patience will pay off.