Playtech is working its way to the front of the pack when it comes to online gaming industry software providers. Recently they signed to work with the Sega to create and release a Sega brand of online slots. Now Playtech is venturing into the world of mobile devices.

Mobile Web Application is to be the newest in cross-platform software. Playtech says that this mobile gaming application won

Training Yourself in the Ways of Blackjack

There are several myths and philosophies in blackjack that revolve around the idea that there is an order to the cards, and that the order must be preserved. But in truth there is no order to the cards. They are shuffled and then dealt.

It seems that blackjack players who play online don

Insurance Not Good for Basic Strategy

Insurance is a much debated play in blackjack. To take it or not? And the school of thought seems to be split pretty evenly, with one side believing that if they have blackjack and they take insurance that they are guaranteed even money, odds aside.

What insurance really is, is a side bet on whether the dealer