It’s Playtech Again: Launches Mobile Gaming Application

Playtech is working its way to the front of the pack when it comes to online gaming industry software providers. Recently they signed to work with the Sega to create and release a Sega brand of online slots. Now Playtech is venturing into the world of mobile devices.

Mobile Web Application is to be the newest in cross-platform software. Playtech says that this mobile gaming application won’t have to be downloaded, and will feature our favorite game: blackjack.

So if you’re stuck waiting for a layover in an airport or on a road trip or even on your lunch break, you’ll be able to enjoy your blackjack.

Playtech is hoping to bring players on the go, including all of us blackjack players, an easily managed online gaming experience while on the go. They are trying to bring the experience of playing on your computer at home to your phone so that you don’t miss a moment of enjoying a favorite game.

The Mobile Web Application will allow blackjack players to sign into their account with an online casino that is carrying the application from anywhere—as long as they have signal, of course. The mobile platforms that will be supporting this latest release from Playtech are the iPhone, the iPod Touch and the Android phones.

Playtech, which was founded in 1999, is becoming known for a well branded and smooth online gambling platform. There is also their cutting edge graphics to be found in their gambling software. Playtech is a software provider to keep an eye on; seventy-five percent of their employees are employed in their research and development areas. This is one software provider to keep an eye on!

Training Yourself in the Ways of Blackjack—Making and Breaking

There are several myths and philosophies in blackjack that revolve around the idea that there is an order to the cards, and that the order must be preserved. But in truth there is no order to the cards. They are shuffled and then dealt.

It seems that blackjack players who play online don’t seem to have that worry that there’s some order that must be preserved.

Why is that?

It probably has something to do with the fact that in online blackjack there are no cards visible other than the ones that have been dealt. And perhaps, because the remaining deck isn’t visible, players focus more on the cards on the screen in front of them rather than worrying about those that have yet to be dealt.

Another reason that perhaps online blackjack players don’t worry about the order of the cards is because they know that there can’t be any order. In online blackjack any card, it is assumed that players are playing with multiple decks.

And there are no discards. The cards in online blackjack can be thought as playing at a table with a continuous shuffle machine. And while the CSMs in land-based casinos are considered a low blow to blackjack players, there is no other way to play online blackjack. Online blackjack can’t have real cards with discards. And the similarity to a CSM is from the Random Number Generator that keeps the results of each card dealt random and fair to the players.

What land-based blackjack players can learn from online blackjack players is to let go of the idea that there is an order to the cards. Land-based blackjack players can utilize the play-for-fun option that online casinos offer to play blackjack and try playing without the idea that there is an order to the cards.

Letting go of this order-to-the-cards idea can free players from making mistakes in their plays that cost them money. Give it a shot.

Insurance Not Good for Basic Strategy

Insurance is a much debated play in blackjack. To take it or not? And the school of thought seems to be split pretty evenly, with one side believing that if they have blackjack and they take insurance that they are guaranteed even money, odds aside.

What insurance really is, is a side bet on whether the dealer’s hole card is a 10 or not. Basic strategy is designed to not take insurance. So if you want to maintain that house edge being lowered to 0.05% then you need to not take insurance.

This is because insurance increases the houses edge. Which will really mess up that 0.05%.

Here’s how insurance will mess up the lowered house edge that basic strategy can give you:

We’re going to say that in a game of online blackjack that the RNG is polling results by taking into account six decks, which is what you will usually find in a blackjack game in Vegas. With six decks in play there are 312 cards.

Now the dealer has an Ace, so subtract one card from the 312; you now have 311. Now let’s count how many 10 value cards we have. There are four cards per suit, and four suits per deck, which makes sixteen 10 value cards per deck; with six decks, that is ninety-six 10 value cards. And any one of those ninety-six cards could be the hole card. That’s what the casino is hoping you will bet on.

Now comes how all that translates into odds. There is a 96 out of 311 chance that the hole card will be a 10 value card. And translates to 30.868% that the hole card will be worth ten, and 69.132% that it won’t be.

So if you are taking insurance you’re taking it on the 30% chance. Not the smartest move. Why wager on the likely of outcomes?

Now on to how this impact the edge. To figure the edge impact, multiple the payout per dollar by the chance of winning, then subtract the chance of losing: 2×0.30868-0.69132= -7.395. See that negative sign? Negative signs mean that the house is favored.

Taking insurance gives the house an increase of about 7.395%.

By taking insurance, you are throwing the 0.05% that basic strategy gives you out the window.

So if you’re playing according to basic strategy, you will want to decline insurance . Keep in mind that only about 30% of the time will the hole card be a 10 value card, and that taking insurance will increase the house edge by about 7%. Taking insurance doesn’t do you any favors.