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Blackjack Weaknesses

How to Overcome a Blackjack Weakness

A good blackjack player has a solid understanding of the game of blackjack. Serious players spend hours honing their craft and building up their strengths. A strong blackjack player knows the rules of not just basic blackjack but each of the game's variant rules. A strong player will have a good strategy, will pace themselves, and have a realistic goal in mind. But new and beginning players won't necessarily have the experience to be a strong player.

Blackjack weaknesses can ruin a player at the tables. Beginning players just don't have enough hours under their belt to be able to identify their strengths and weaknesses. There are several traps that weak blackjack players can fall into, usually because they are unaware of them. There are many reasons for a player's blackjack weaknesses. The most common is inexperience. To be successful at blackjack requires hundreds of hours of practice. Another reason for blackjack weaknesses is bad habits. Even a strong player can develop bad habits over time and it can take quite a bit of effort to break those habits. Another reason for developing blackjack weaknesses is bad advice. Let's face it. There are a lot of would-be experts sitting around in casinos and they all love to give advice, even if it is bad. As a player, you should always be selective of who you listen to and what advice you take. It's your money, after all.

There are a lot of blackjack weaknesses that can plague a person. If you are curious to know what some of the more common ones are, they are listed below.

Losing Control and Going Tilt

Blackjack Weaknesses StrategyGoing tilt is a term used when a player loses self-control and gets emotional because they are losing. The player keeps betting and no matter how many times they lose, their wagers get bigger and bigger as they try to win it all back quickly. This is a common blackjack weakness among players. Any experienced player at the tables will tell you that when it comes to blackjack, you check you emotions at the door. Never lose control and always think before you lay down that wager. When you are upset, you make mistakes and going tilt is one of the biggest mistakes you can make.

Not Knowing Basic Blackjack Strategy

Basic blackjack strategy is based on mathematics. To be a successful blackjack player, you need to have a good understanding of basic strategy. A lot of players approach the table with little knowledge of blackjack strategy and that's why they leave with empty pockets. If you are going to learn basic strategy, you will have to study blackjack strategy cards. These cards tell you how to play your hand based on your two cards versus the dealer's up card. The charts are based on mathematical probabilities and will give a player an edge over the house.

Playing on Hunches

This blackjack weakness is related to the one above and has cost players more money than any weakness combined. Unless you are a government test subject with the supernatural ability to see the next card, never, ever play on hunches alone. Hunches do not work. Unlike games like poker, there are no tells to pick up on, no clues to detect from the dealer. The dealer has no idea what the next card will be any more than you do. Playing on hunches alone is a good way to get your trip to the casino cut short.

Betting Too Large Too Fast

Too many blackjack players try to make big wins really quickly by betting large within a short session of hands. Seasoned pros always advise to pace yourself. Even by using basic strategy or card counting, your odds of winning are just under even (usually around 47 to 48%). So you are only gong to win about half the time. By taking it slow and keeping to an average bet spread, over time you can make money.

Not Having a Target Win Limit

Beginning players of blackjack don't always know when to stop. If they win big once, they want to keep winning over and over (hey, who doesn't?). In the end, this will cost the player everything they have won. A good rule of thumb when playing blackjack is to have a target goal in mind for winning. Be realistic about it. Don't set it too high. The average blackjack player can usually get in somewhere between 70 to 80 hands an hour (depending on conditions). Try to figure up a goal based on that and when you reach that goal, either pocket the additional winnings and keep playing with your starting bankroll or walk away.

Going Beyond Budget

It doesn't matter if you are playing blackjack, poker, slots, or some other casino game, always set a budget of what you can comfortably afford to play with and risk losing. Everyone has heard stories of some player losing their bankroll and then cleaning out their savings in an attempt to win it all back. Set a budget and don't go over it. Once it is gone, you're done playing. It takes some discipline but it can be accomplished.

Not Enough Practice

This particular blackjack weakness is the most common that you will find among players. Inexperienced players are going to make mistakes. There is simply no other way around it other than to just keep practicing. Blackjack is an easy game to play but can be hard if you want to be successful at it. And no casino game is going to be easy to win. If it were easy, the game wouldn't be in the casinos. I should also mention that the best place to practice is online playing for free. You can play as many hands as you want and it won't cost you a dime.

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