That Two Isn’t as Bad as You Think

I’m not sure why but there seems to be this idea in blackjack that a dealer having a 2 for an up card being a bad thing. You’ve probably heard other players say things that imply fear of a 2. A 2. It’s a little card!

The one fear that is actually true when it comes to a 2 for an up card is that the dealer will be more likely to hit to 21 with it than almost any other card. Only one out of eight hands will he be able to hit to that.

But if he’s got a 5 showing, well that’s not much better, and blackjack players tend not to think a thing about a 5 showing. Well a dealer will make 21 every one out of nine hands if he has a 5 showing. That’s not much of a difference than the 2.

What blackjack players are probably fearful of in regards to that 2 is that it’s such a small card, and it leaves open a lot of possibilities to build strong hands. That’s what blackjack players are actually afraid of—that the dealer will be able to build a strong hand—stronger than theirs.

But keep this in mind: we play blackjack assuming that the hole card is worth 10. When it is revealed it may be a 10 or it may not. But we play under that assumption. And according to that assumption it means that the dealer has a hard 12—a stiff hand.

In all actuality when the dealer has a 2 through 8 the blackjack player is the favorite to win. The odds in are your favor then! Notice that the 2 as an up card is in that list. It’s when the dealer has a 9, 10 or Ace showing that the odds are against you. But then go back to assuming that the hole card is a 10 and what do you have? You have 19, 20 or 21.

So keep in mind when you sit down to play some blackjack online or not that an up card of 2 is nothing to fear. But watch out for those 9s, 10s and Aces.