Stressed? Prescribe Yourself Some Online Blackjack!

Feeling out of control? Feeling like you’re at your wit’s end?

Try some online blackjack. Seriously.

Online blackjack has actually seen to reduce stress.

A study at Oxford University in the UK found that online gaming can reduce stress and its side effects. A similar study done at McGill University in Canada also found such results. The reason they found for this is that playing games, including blackjack, online serves as an escape mechanism.

When playing, the person’s mind is diverted from its worries and other such things that induce cortisol, the stress hormone. Researchers at Oxford found that cortisol dropped by an average of seventeen percent after people were done playing online.

Another study, conducted over a course of six months with 134 subjects, at an Eastern Carolina University in the US found that those who played could reduce their stress through playing, and were a little happier overall.

And then an online casino did its own independent survey. The online casino said that 74% of their players who played online blackjack felt that, through playing blackjack, they were lowering their stress and making themselves happier.

However, there was a group of blackjack players whose stress wasn’t reduced. But the majority of those players were playing in high stakes games. No surprise there. You’re going to up your stress when you’ve got a large amount of your money on the line.

So what does this mean to you? It means that playing some low stakes online blackjack games can actually lower your stress, improve your health and make you feel happier. And I’ll bet you feel happier when you win a bit of money too.

Stress has been cited to create destructive behavior in people, such as excessive drinking and over eating, along with social instability. But there are other health problems linked to stress: heart problems, reduced abilities in your immune system, headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, and even cancer.

If you’re feeling stressed, go play a few rounds of low stakes blackjack and get that stress out!