Player Favorable Blackjack Rules—Part III

Ready for some more player favorable blackjack rules to look for? Well, who wouldn’t be?

Now, the likelihood of finding every single player favorable rule at one single game isn’t that great. You need to look for the best combination of these rules. You may only find a game with only one of these rules, but it will still be better to play at than a game with no player favorable rules—or worse, casino favorable rules like the 6-5 payout. But if you happen to find a blackjack game with all the player favorable rules, let me know!

But for right now we’ll look at resplitting Aces.

We all know to split Aces. We split them for their flexibility of being used as a 1 or as an 11. Each time you split up a pair of Aces you are potentially starting each hand with 11 and are half way to blackjack. At the worst you can reduce the Ace down to 1 if necessary and play out your hand as if you had been dealt a soft hand.

But look for a moment at being dealt a pair of Aces that you split. Let’s say that one of your original Aces received another Ace. Some casinos won’t allow you to resplit, which leaves you with a hand total of 12. A stiff hand that you can try to hit, and might win. But we all know how stiff hands turn out.

By not letting you resplit Aces, casinos are increasing your chances of losing, which of course increases their chances of making money.

And this is why you want to look for blackjack games that will allow you to resplit Aces. Allowing resplits lowers the casino’s edge by about 0.06%. It’s not a huge amount but the point of having a blackjack strategy is to chip away at the casino’s edge. And resplitting Aces is one more way of doing so.

Keep an eye open for Player Favorable Blackjack Rules—Part IV