Seminoles Making a Deal?

It looks like the state of Florida and the Seminoles just might be reaching a deal that everyone can live with. Maybe. This deal comes down to compromise. From the looks of it the Seminoles would get to keep their exclusivity to blackjack and Vegas-style slots. But the pari-mutuels would get extended hours of operation, … Continue reading Seminoles Making a Deal?

Enough with Third Base!

I’m not sure where this superstition came from. But wherever it issued from—actually whoever it issued from—needs to be punished. I have never seen blackjack players get so worked up over something that is really meaningless. And it’s more annoying to try to sit at a table and play with these ignorant players constantly judging … Continue reading Enough with Third Base!

Ways to Cut Down on Your Loss per Hour

Let’s say that you have been playing blackjack with your basic strategy chart on hand. And you’re playing it perfectly. So, thanks to your perfect basic strategy you have lowered the house edge to 0.05%. Which is great, but is there any way to do away with that remaining disadvantage? Play at a full table. … Continue reading Ways to Cut Down on Your Loss per Hour

Misplaying Soft Hands

Even with basic strategy on their side, there are many blackjack players that misplay soft hands. It seems so easy, I mean, the chart is right there either next to them on the table or pulled up in another window on the computer. If that’s so then how is it that soft hands keep getting … Continue reading Misplaying Soft Hands

Delaware—If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em, But Do It Better

New Jersey and Pennsylvania have them. Okay, Pennsylvania doesn’t have them yet, but they were approved for them a few weeks ago. What is ‘them?’ Table games. Blackjack included. While Delaware may have been the very first state they are not the first to allow table games or legalize online gambling for their residents to … Continue reading Delaware—If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em, But Do It Better

Florida Trying to Legalize Online Gambling

The last several months, Florida politicians and legislatures have been going back and forth with Governor Charlie Crist and the Seminole Tribe about allowing table games at the tribal casinos. These are of course land based casinos. And the Seminoles want to exclusively offer table games to Floridians and tourists. Obviously racinos across Florida have … Continue reading Florida Trying to Legalize Online Gambling

Appreciate Your Pairs

It’s a shame to see novice blackjack players misplay their pairs. But then when first learning blackjack, many just focus on whether to hit or stand. It takes some time before they feel comfortable expanding their betting comfort zone with double downs and splits. But it’s the splits we’re going to look at today. For … Continue reading Appreciate Your Pairs

How to Play with Soft Hands–Soft 17

Soft hands can be tricky to play with real success. It’s all because of that Ace. Some players will look for the easy way out when they have been dealt a soft hand. Take, for example, being dealt a 6 and an Ace. Soft 17. Many players will play this hand as they would a … Continue reading How to Play with Soft Hands–Soft 17

Card Counting and Insurance

Okay, in my last post I pretty much spelled put why taking in Insurance is not a good thing to do. In fact, I showed you how you will lose money if you take insurance. Now I’m going to tell you when it’s okay to take insurance. No, this is not a contradictory post. I … Continue reading Card Counting and Insurance

Which Denomination to Play

Here’s the casinos’ Modus operandi: Move ‘em in, move ‘em out, move in more. In other words, what’s the fastest way possible to bring them in and take their money in order to bring in more? I’m sure in wandering through a casino or while trolling online casinos for a blackjack game, you’ve seen that … Continue reading Which Denomination to Play